On this page we want to tell you the story of some customers who have relied on us for an all-aroud service.

We helped them find the desired property, we followed and supported them throughout the purchase process but not only! With our construction company ICERM, we also took care of the complete renovation!

The Convent of Santa Chiara: the splendid complex in the center of Sarteano is for sale

There is a place in the heart of the Tuscan village of Sarteano that has not lost its charm. It is the former convent of Santa Chiara, and its original structure has remained intact.

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Riccardo and Antonella and their holiday home were brought together by… Sarteano!

You can travel the world over, but the places that are real are those where the most beautiful memories reside. Riccardo knows this: he chose to buy a second home in Sarteano, where he spent his holidays as a boy. And he passed this love on to his wife Antonella, who wanted a house here to paint in.

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Home sweet home: Gianna’s return to Sarteano was written in the stars

From the apartment as part of a lot, to renovating an inherited house in the historic town centre to building a small villa. Gianna is well and truly settled in Sarteano, between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana.

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A house in Sarteano: Oliviero and Donatella’s dream comes true

Between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana, a home that had been abandoned for over 25 years has been renovated and brought back to life. 80 sqm of happiness.

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The great beauty of Tuscany. Why it’s a good place to live

There is a region that is everywhere a concentrate of beautiful landscapes, peacefulness, art cities and villages steeped in history. It’s called Tuscany.

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