Riccardo and Antonella and their holiday home were brought together by… Sarteano!

You can travel the world over, but the places that are real are those where the most beautiful memories reside. Riccardo knows this: he chose to buy a second home in Sarteano, where he spent his holidays as a boy.

And he passed this love on to his wife Antonella, who wanted a house here to paint in.

Riccardo and Antonella are citizens of the world. Residents of Rome, they decided to look for a place to spend their free time. Where? In the Tuscan village of Sarteano, in the Val di Chiana.

Riccardo’s history with Sarteano begins in 1960, when he spent his holidays at his grandparents’ house: “Life there was really different for me, who came from the city,” says Riccardo. “Dirt roads, oxen grazing, visits to the farmers where my grandfather bought milk, wine and eggs. And above all the Sarteano swimming pool. It seems to me that the months I spent here were more formative than the rest of the year in Rome.”

In search of a holiday home at Sarteano

Riccardo’s relationship with Sarteano was interrupted for 30 years, until 2016 when, having reached retirement age, he decided to invest in a second home. “I spent a weekend looking for a house in Sarteano with my children, Giulio and Silvia. We met Roberta from the Immobiliare Morgantini real estate agency. On Via dei Fiori I found the right home! Together with my wife Antonella, we developed a plan, guided by the Icerm company. We gave the rooms more light and improved the energy efficiency.”

The house before the renovation.
The house before the renovation.
The house after the renovation.

In search of a house for painting

The whole family is smitten with Sarteano. The children “took possession” of the house. And Riccardo’s wife Antonella fell in love with it so much that she wanted a place of her own where she could express her passion for drawing and painting. “In 2019, again with Immobiliare Morgantini, we found an apartment 100 meters from our house,” says Antonella, “50 square meters on the second floor: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, mini-living room and a balcony with a wonderful view. The Icerm company handled the renovation and we transformed it into an atelier.”

The house before the renovation.
The house before the renovation.
The house after the renovation.
The after before the renovation.

The work done at Antonella’s apartment was more demanding, and coincided with the period of the first lockdown. For us at Icerm it was essential to discuss things with the owners of both places, doing it ‘remotely’ when necessary, to help them make their choices.

From citizens of the world to lovers of Sarteano

It was also Riccardo’s desire to see again the people who had been a part of his youth. “I found many of them, and it has been a joy. With Antonella we have built new friendships and rebuilt those from the past. Here socializing is easier, you have a coffee and a chat.”

Riccardo and Antonella chose Sarteano for their holiday home.

After all, Rome is only an hour and a half away, and it seems to fly when peacefulness is there to greet them.