Sarteano is not what you expect from a Tuscan village.
Why it’s worthwhile purchasing a home here

There’s an almost hidden place in Tuscany, between Valdichiana and Val d’Orcia, far from the classic tourist itineraries. Major innovations are coming to the historic village of Sarteano, immersed in the surrounding countryside. Roberta Morgantini, property consultant and true native of Sarteano, explains the advantages of investing in a house or an apartment in this area today.

With its imposing fifteenth century castle, it appears from a distance to be a jewel set in the hill. You can breathe Sarteano’s thousand years of history amidst its stone-built buildings and the treetops of the surrounding countryside between Valdichiana and Val d’Orcia. Everything here is authentic and almost dreamlike: the houses in the historic town centre, the quality of life, a profound respect for the landscape, its well-restored farmhouses. All topped by the inhabitants themselves, those who have never left it and those who have tiptoed in and never gone away. Because once you have discovered Sarteano, you’ll immediately fall in love with it. Perhaps this is why so many have chosen to buy their second home here (that turned into their first for many of them!). This Tuscan village has escaped the mass tourism that pervades the region and decided to take its revenge. And it’s now at the top of its game.

We talked to Roberta Morgantini, property consultant for an estate agent in Sarteano in charge of sales and renovations, with true Sarteano blood in her veins. “The area around Sarteano is currently undergoing a distinctive period of property development. Major entrepreneurs have chosen it for superior luxury accommodation, aimed at an exclusive, international public. I’m referring to the village of Castiglioncello del Trinoro or the Spineta Estate with its 11 farmhouses, which will be renovated by 2025. There will be a major advertising campaign to promote these places worldwide and showcase Sarteano, which has been the area that has seen least inflation until today. This is why I believe the time is right to invest in property. I’m thinking not only of the houses and apartments in the historic centre, but also of the numerous farmhouses in the countryside, some of which have already been restored. There’s a strong wind blowing in the direction of Sarteano, and I advise you to follow it.”

5 reasons to buy property today in Sarteano

We asked Roberta Morgantini for five good reasons why we shouldn’t miss out on the chance to purchase a property in the area around Sarteano today.

1. LOCATION - Sarteano is a village in the centre of the tourist area and not just that. It’s not far from some major cities: Rome is only an hour and a half’s drive away and Florence is easy to reach too. A lot of people have already bought a holiday home here simply for its central location.

2. QUALITY OF LIFE - Sarteano is a people-friendly village. Life in the slow lane with a strong community spirit is its great value added. People live here all year round, so it is always lively. The residents care about energy saving, waste recycling and there is a good public spirit. All the useful services are on hand, including not only shops and restaurants, but also countryside with paths for woodland walks. One unique attraction is its swimming pool Park with running water, just a few steps away from the main square. This is therapeutic water, which flows at a constant temperature of 24 degrees from the St. Lucia spring. Today, it is a park with three large pools and an organised campsite. Sarteano also has a multiplex cinema, outlets and shopping centres close by. To buy a home in Sarteano means to invest in a good quality of life.

3. HISTORY, MONUMENTS AND CULTURE - Sarteano boasts a history that begins in the Neolithic era and is a place where the Etruscans have also left their mark. The most important is the Tomb of the Infernal Quadriga, a painted masterpiece. Most striking is the Demon Charun, driving a chariot led by lions and griffons to the Underworld. However, the most seductive image is the large, three-headed serpent. It even caught the attention of Italian haute couture and took Sarteano to the 2021 Grammy Awards. The Gucci designer label reproduced the serpent on the shocking pink dress worn by musician, Santigold, and on the presenter, James Corden’s black jacket. They became Sarteano’s official testimonials!
Another attraction is the imposing castle, dating back to the Early Middle Ages, which has had some famous owners, such as the Counts Manenti of Sarteano and the Brandimarte Fanelli family. Today, it reflects aspects of life in a garrison.

4. HISTORIC RE-ENACTMENTS: Sarteano is the home of the Saracen Jousting Tournament, older than the one in Arezzo. It is celebrated on 15th August every year: the ladies-in-waiting, the knights, their arms and love stories. To relive this tournament is to take a step back each time into a past that makes Sarteano a magic place.

5. STILL ATTRACTIVE PRICES: Current property prices in Sarteano have remained stable. However, entrepreneurs from the tourist sector are paying increasing attention, which is why we advise you to purchase now. The popular, luxury hotel in the village of Castiglioncello del Trinoro will reopen this year. The Spineta Estate, purchased by Arsenale, leader in luxury hospitality and lifestyle, will be returned to its original splendour by 2025. In fact, the ICERM firm had followed the initial renovations in the 90s. 11 exclusive farmhouses, each with private pool, are linked to the central nucleus with the Benedictine abbey and convent. We are talking here of an investment of approximately EUR 30 million. These buildings, together with other farmhouses purchased by well-known, global celebrities will lead to an explosion of outstanding tourism, which will have interesting repercussions on all businesses.

What makes a property in Sarteano exclusive?

Roberta Morgantini has outlined the current, unusual situation in the area. We shouldn’t be surprised if we were soon to see Sarteano appearing in personal posts, photos or VIP videos of famous people on holiday or who have bought a villa here. So it’s worth considering the advice on how to purchase a property, whether it’s a house, an apartment or a farmhouse.

Sarteano is full of surprises that when you come here, you realise it’s just what you were looking for.
It’s the right place to buy a second home or the house of your dreams.
Sarteano is an authentic, exclusive place you mustn’t let slip through your fingers.