A house in Sarteano: Oliviero and Donatella’s dream comes true

Between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana, a home that had been abandoned for over 25 years has been renovated and brought back to life. 80 sqm of happiness.

The aroma of freshly made coffee from the moka coffee pot and it immediately “feels like home”. Husband and wife, Oliviero and Donatella’s eyes glisten as they tell the story of how their new home was created. We’re in Sarteano, a tiny village in one of southern Tuscany’s most beautiful areas, between the nature-packed Val d’Orcia and the more highly populated Val di Chiana.

AAA holiday home needede

“We live in the city of Rome – they explain – and we wanted somewhere to enjoy and relax and to welcome our family. A few years ago, we began to look for a house to buy between Val d’Orcia, Val di Chiana and Umbria, not too far away to travel, but in a village that was not yet plagued by excessive tourism. We discovered Sarteano and fell in love with it.“

In the historic centre stood a badly neglected house that had lain abandoned for 25 years. For Oliviero and Donatella, it immediately meant something special: it was just what they were looking for.

“Le case ‘ti parlano’ – racconta entusiasta Donatella – per me l’abitare è un aspetto fondamentale della vita. Quell’edificio, nella sua condizione di apparente abbandono, mostrava una rara e forte personalità e i segni di un passato che meritava di tornare a vivere. Ed è iniziata così la nostra avventura, forse anche un po’ folle!”.

An old building for renovation

The purchase with the help of the estate agent Morgantini, the project design and start of the renovation work was all placed in the hands of our company, Icerm. After two years’ work, the clients’ dream came true. We at Icerm found our constant discussions together to be of fundamental importance in order to help them find solutions that would enhance the historic value of the property. If you are looking for a house, we offer a complete service from the search to the purchase and on to renovation with a turnkey delivery.

Home sweet home

A kitchen, living room, two double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a tiny attic. The renovation restored the tiled ceilings and the terracotta floors, and enhanced the rooms with meticulously selected lighting. Donatella carefully chose the furnishings, from the antique furniture to family objects set side by side with more modern pieces.

A tiny, crenel window, discovered in the living room during restoration, overlooks Sarteano and the surrounding countryside, and the view from the balcony as far as Lake Trasimeno in Umbria gives the property value added.

Oliviero and Donatella have also chosen to spend part of their time in this corner of Tuscany. Different sounds compared to Rome, different sensations and charms.

And they chose Sarteano. Or perhaps it was this house that chose them.

One thing is certain: here they’ve found 80 sqm of happiness, just for them.