Home sweet home: Gianna’s return to Sarteano was written in the stars

From the apartment as part of a lot, to renovating an inherited house in the historic town centre to building a small villa. Gianna is well and truly settled in Sarteano, between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana.

One house became two… and then three. The tiny apartment in the Tuscan village of Sarteano was supposed to be a pied-à-terre. But life is full of surprises. Gianna’s sunny personality is truly contagious as she tells us her lovely story. That’s probably why she has always felt encouraged to go ahead.

House no. 1: an apartment as part of a lot

It all began in 2004, when Gianna’s job took her to Munich in Bavaria and she needed a place to live when she returned to Italy, her home country.

A lot of land was for sale in Sarteano: this was where she had an old friend from her younger days, Mauro Morgantini, owner of the business Icerm.

She trusted him and asked his help with renovating the interior of her apartment. « Mauro was crucial – Gianna explains – and used his construction site experience to give me the best advice. »

House no. 2: an apartment in the historic town centre

But that’s not the end of the story. A few years later, Gianna inherited a home in a building in the historic centre of Sarteano from a close family friend, Alda the dressmaker. She rented it out for a short period and then decided to renovate it, again with Icerm’s help. They created a tiny, 55 sqm gem with a bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, a tiny mezzanine and a cellar. The Morgantini estate agent in Sarteano put the house up for sale.

« I did it reluctantly in order to fulfil a bigger project and it took just one couple: as soon as they saw it, they fell in love with the refined details. The right house, the right people at the right time. »

Those people were a Dutch husband and wife, Marten and Joukye. Gianna struck a wonderful friendship with the couple, who were fascinated by Gianna’s sunny personality and whenever they return to Italy, they never fail to spend time together.

« My heart fills with joy to know the two people living in this house absolutely adore it. »

House no. 3: a detached house

Gianna returned to work in Italy a year ago, right here near Sarteano and she needed more space. The opportunity arose as she was in the process of selling the apartment in the historic centre: a piece of land where she could design a house with a garden and later add a swimming pool. « Guess who I asked to do the work?

I like to say “we have a project”, because I never go anywhere without Mauro, his children, Yuri and Roberta, and the entire staff at Icerm. »

Gianna has chosen to live in Sarteano.

She still likes to dream with her eyes open. And do new things. We at Icerm are happy to have made her dream come true each time… and turn it into reality.