The great beauty of Tuscany. Why it’s a good place to live

There is a region that is everywhere a concentrate of beautiful landscapes, peacefulness, art cities and villages steeped in history. It’s called Tuscany.

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in Tuscany: there are hills and plains, the sea and mountains, beautiful cities and villages on a human scale. Genuine picture-book landscapes that have always fascinated visitors from all over the world and that make its residents proud. But it’s not just an ideal place for a getaway or vacation. Many people have chosen to move to this region, and for a very simple reason: buying or building a house in Tuscany means investing in the quality of life. Because there’s no place that’s perfect for everyone, but there is the right place to change your life, or to simply improve it.

5 good reasons for living in Tuscany

1. The Good Life
A relaxed pace, serenity, less hectic lifestyles, but also services and facilities at your fingertips. Tuscany has everything, whether you live in the larger cities and towns like Florence, Arezzo or Siena, or in one of the many villages in the hills and in the countryside.

2. Landscapes like paintings
The landscape is the star in every season, with its incredible variety of colors and forms. From the hills covered with a patchwork of crops and vineyards to the beaches on the sea, it feels like you are walking straight into a painting.

3. Mediterranean climate
A region of Central Italy, being on the Tyrrhenian Sea gives Tuscany a Mediterranean climate, which becomes more continental as you go farther inland. For those seeking a mountain climate, there are the peaks of the Apennines.

4. Good food and good wine
Tuscany has a variety of foods and products that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. What’s more, the region produces some of the world’s most famous wines: Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano – to name just a few.

5. Heritage of art and history
Countless treasures are to be found both in the cities and in the small villages: works of art and architecture, churches, castles, monasteries and museums of all types. A union of art and landscape, human spaces and contemporary influences.

Our favorite areas: Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana

If we had to pick the best places in Tuscany, at ICERM we no doubts about it: Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana! This is where we have chosen to work, both renovating old farmhouses and building new homes that respect regional building traditions while incorporating innovative solutions.

The Val d’Orcia is an exceptional example of a landscape reshaped by the Renaissance. It is located in the rural hinterland of Siena and includes the municipalities of Castiglione d’Orcia, Montalcino, Pienza, Radicofani and San Quirico d’Orcia.

The Val di Chiana area includes the provinces of Arezzo and Siena and extends as far as Umbria. It is a broad area of fertile plains, overlooked by high, tree-cloaked hills.

Living in Tuscany means dancing a light, lovable dance with beauty, every day.